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Emergency Services in Palwal

Emergency is a word that brings the picture of a red alarm into the mind. The very nature of emergency is unpredictable and can change in scope and impact. One cannot plan on the war footing. So, as with everyone, the government which is responsible for the well being and protection of the citizens must stay prepared with immediate measures to be executed in the time of urgency.

Emergency Services in Palwal

Palwal district administration wing of Haryana government also has certain emergency contacts and facilities for coveting unpredicted emergencies and disaster management. Some agencies operate solely for addressing certain kinds of emergencies, while others are summoned on ad-hoc basis in time of need. Here are the most important ones collated for ease of access.

Palwal Police

The constitution of India, like many federal structures, mandates law and order as a matter of every state enforced by its force that programs, plans, resources and supports all emergencies. This is the police, which act to reduce and regulate crime against people and property as well as manage situations of crisis. Palwal has 8 operating police stations in the district; one main office and 7 others, along with 10 Nakas.

Supritendent of Police, Palwal
Tel: 01275-298069 01275-298070 01275-298071
Mob: 8814000400
Website: https://palwal.haryanapolice.gov.in/

Help lines
Control Room : 01275-298065100
Women Help Desk : 1091
Accident Help Line : 01275-253060
Toll Free : 1073

Various Other Police Controls:

CIA Cell: 8930202026
SHO Traffic: 8930202034/253060
Naka Dhatir: 8813999605
Naka Gadpuri: 8813999604/0129-2205238
Naka Bhawan Kund: 8813999602
Naka Bus Stand: 8813999601/259656
Naka Hathin Gate: 8813999603
Naka Amarpur: 8813999607
Naka Bagpur: 8813999606
Naka Mundkati: 8813999610
Naka Mindkola: 8813999608
Naka Uttawer: 8813999609

Main Police Stations of District Palwal:

P.S. Hodal

Landline : 01275-235623
Mobile (SHO) : 8930202032/9416266863   
Email Id : shohodal-hry@nic.in

P.S. Hassanpur
Landline  : 01275-271228
Mobile (SHO) : 8930202031/9813990492   
Email Id : shohassanpur-hry@nic.in

P.S. Chandhut
Landline : 01275-264216
Mobile (SHO) : 9466112710/8930202030
Email Id  : shochandhut-hry@nic.in

P.S. Palwal City
Landline  : 01275-282277/252100
Mobile (SHO) : 9466112705/8930202027   
Email Id : shopalwalcity-hry@nic.in

P.S. Sadar Palwal
Landline : 01275-252718
Mobile (SHO) : 9466112708/8930202028
Email Id : shopalwalsdr-hry@nic.in

P.S. Hathin
Landline : 01275-261233   
Mobile (SHO) : 9466112713/8930202033
Email Id : shohathin-hry@nic.in

P.S. Camp Palwal
Landline : 01275-259644   
Mobile (SHO) : 9466112709/8930202029
Email Id : shocamppalwal-hry@nic.in

Fire Department in Palwal

Any emergency related to fire or evacuation requires the services of Fire Brigades. Hence, the government of Haryana has mandatory listed Fire Service Office for the purpose. The details are:

Headquarters Fire Service Office
Contact Number : 0172-2704941/2704942
Email ID : dulbhry@yahoo.co.in

State Level Fire Office
Landline : 0172-2704937
Mobile : 9468294101

District Level Fire Office
Landline : 01275-2232177
Mobile : 9416139399

Hospitals And Ambulance Service in Palwal

The chief minister of Haryana inaugurated a 24-hour free ambulance service in March 2013, launched by ACE (Action Construction Equipment). The service has fully equipped ambulances with modern facilities and technically apt medical amenities to facilitate faster assistance for accident victims and help people reach hospitals faster.

The toll free number for the service is 1800-1800-009.

Hospital And Ambulance Service In Palwal

Although a small district, Palwal has a number of fine equipped hospitals.  In case of a medical emergency, one can contact the following Hospitals.

Aggrawal Nursing Home: 925416612
Amita Maternity Home: 9991282336
Anmol Nursing Centre: 01275-252835/9215253335
Arora Nursing Home: 9812066950
Aryan Nursing Home: 01275-243180
Bansal Nursing Home: 9896066365
Bharadwaj Eye Hospital: 01275-253520
Balaji Nursing Home: 9416066101
Civil Hospital: 01275-252102
Cosmos Hospital: 01275- 255510/9254166619
Dhariwal Nursing Home:
Faith Medical Centre: 9812066950
Family Medicare: 01275-253183
Goyal Nursing Home: 01275-235690/9416448469
Goyal Nursing Home Palwal: 01275-253257/253169
Gupta Nursing Home & Maternity Centre: 01275-253281/9991965100
Guru Nanak Hospital: 9254366000
Jindal Nursing Home: 01275-253501/9813203518
K.C Hospital: 01275-246638/9813389010
Kishan Singh Hospital: 9416053331
Life Care Hospital: 9355561000
Manav Kalyan Medicare: 9215834342
Malik Nursing Home: 01275-252649
MediScan Diagnosis: 01275-645848
Mittal Nursing Home: 9255987144
Nagpal Medicare & Heart Centre: 9416066308
Om Hospital: 01275-240240/9034877486
Palwal Nursing Home: 9350571950
Prem Jeevan Hospital: 9896553944
Rahul Nursing Home: 01275-252338/9254052338
Rawat Nursing Home Hathin: 9354367595
Saluja Nursing Home: 01275-252556
Sukhdev Raj Soin Hospital: 01275-279300/9812961061
Shiva Hospital: 9355915212
Shanti Malik Memorial Hospital: 251919/9812023959
Shri jagannath Ji Nursing Home: 9728296086
Shri Om Sai Hospital: 9992470057
Sukhram Hospital: 01275-252714/9416294441
Upkar Hospital: 01275-246386, 9896042774
Vardan Nursing Home: 9812662897

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